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GD-ROM Disc 2 Complication
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It has come to our attention that Windows-using buyers of the GD-ROM DVD have been having trouble reading Disc 2. From what we've been able to determine, the second DVD was pressed in Mac-only format when it should have been dual-platform. We're talking with our DVD presser to have replacement copies of Disc 2 made.

We have addresses for everyone who ordered online, so we know where to send the replacements once they're done. We'll also be sending replacement discs through Diamond Comics to all retailers who ordered copies, so if you got a bad copy at your local comics shop, you'll be able to replace it there, or you can just send us your mailing address.

As a temporary solution, there's a program for Windows called MacDrive, which can also be found here. This will allow you to read the disk in Windows with no problem. The program is also only 5.3Mb, so downloading it shouldn't take that long, even at dial-up speeds. The down side is that the software has a free trial use limit of five days, after which it won't work unless you buy it. However, before the software expires, you can use it to read the disc and simply copy the files onto your hard drive. That way, you'll still have them accessible even after the MacDrive trial period is over.

We'll keep you posted as this matter progresses.

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