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Warrior Nun: Lazarus Issue 0
No Image By:Duhig, Hutchison, & Dunn

Your prayers have been answered--Warrior Nun graces shelves again with an ALL-NEW ADVENTURE! Experience a BRAND-NEW, re-envisioned Warrior Nun!

A violent explosion rocks the halls of the Vatican, revealing an alarming plot to attain several ancient, holy relics by a secret society known as The Advent. Charged with the investigation is Sister Isabel, a high-ranking agent of the VTO: Vatican Tactical Operations, an elite group of warriors and agents in the Church's service. The action kicks off as Isabel, and her fellow team members race across the globe to battle the deadly competition and exact savage vengeance. Through her talents as an expert paleographer, Isabel soon discovers the stunning secret motives behind The Advent's “Lazarus Protocol”!

Copyright 1987-2005 Antarctic Press.