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Gold Digger Annual #20

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Blade Bunny Vol.2 #3

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GD Color Remix Issue 4
No Image By:Fred Perry & Guru-eFX

Celebrating 15 years of Gold Digger! Think you’ve seen GD? Think again! For the first time ever, "Gold Digger: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lost Cities" is now digitally remastered in magnificent FULL COLOR!

"North, South, East and West of Eden"
Gina has survived stone zombies in El Dorado, the evil wizard Gyphon and his rampaging monstrosity Armageddon in Atlantis, and the freezing cold and fierce Empress Lynn of Shangri-La. Now she must devise a plan to finish off Armageddon, but it requires an element that doesn’t exist anywhere on Earth. Getting what she needs will send her to Paradise—literally!

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